1. Looking after your gel nails in the sun

    Using gel nail polish in the sun

    If you’ve been on holiday with a gel manicure you may have discovered that some shades of gel nail polish can fade in the sunlight.

    Gel polish will only really fade with extensive exposure (like a week long holiday in the sun) but it is more noticeable with brighter pinks and coral shades.

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  2. Nail Shields Top tips and FAQs

    Tip for using SensatioNail Nail Shields

    There’s been a lot of love for nail shields since they launched earlier this year. Not only do they protect your nails but they make removing gel nail polish a doddle - as they effectively turn your gel manicure into peel off nail polish!

    If you’re new to nail shields, or not used to applying nail wraps or nail stickers (or nail strips as they are sometimes known), it can take a few goes to get it right. Stick with it - it’s definitely worth it. We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions and top tips to help you make sure you get the perfect gel mani.

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  3. New Escape to the Tropics Gel Nails Collection

    new sensationail summer gel nail polish

    Summer is here! Everyone is planning their holidays, shopping for the summer wardrobe and shedding the winter layers. Don’t worry, we’ve got your summer nails covered. The new Escape to the Tropics collection has landed and these summer nail polish shades are seriously hot!

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  4. New Spring Nail Colours 2015

    Sensationail spring nail colours

    It’s Spring and our hands are finally free of winter gloves. Proudly show off your fabulous spring nails with our new pastels collection.

    Like a sweet shop for your nails, the new SensatioNail Spring nails collection really does look good enough to eat.

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  5. Gel Polish Manicure Essentials

    Essential items for gel nail polish manicures

    We know that you all need to top up on manicure essentials regularly so to make it nice and easy, we created an Essentials Kit containing everything you need for the perfect at home gel manicure.

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  6. New Nail Glitter Puffers

    glitter nail colours

    We have added five new glitter puffer colours to the nail glitter collection. Glitter Puffers are so popular because they are so versatile. Use them to create glitter nail polish using your matte or gloss SensatioNail shades, create amazing glitter nail art and glitter nail designs or just add a dusting for a subtle shimmer on any gel nail varnish colour.

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  7. How to use Peel off Nail Shields

    how to sensationail peel off nail shields

    No more worrying about finding time to remove your gel nail polish. Try SensatioNail Peel off Nail Shields and wave goodbye to your soak off gel process.

    Peel off Nail Shields are just like having a peel off base coat. Nail shields are great for two reasons:

    1. Super speedy removal: Just peel off gel colour in seconds, no acetone remover or oils required.

    2. Protection for healthy nails: Nail shields help nails to be stronger by creating a protective barrier between the nail and the gel polish.


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  8. Mini LED Gel Nail Lamp

    SensatioNail mini led lamp

    Gel nails on the move

    SensatioNail is now even more portable

    We know you love your SensatioNail gel nail kit and now we’ve made it even easier to use your kit on the go. Introducing the LED mini lamp for gel nails!

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  9. How to apply SensatioNail Gel French Manicure

    how to sensationail french manicure

    The French Manicure gel polish starter kit can look amazing but it’s a bit trickier than the other gel nail kits as the process includes the SensatioNail French Tips.

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  10. How to do Heart nail art

    how to do heart nail art

    How-to: Heart Nail Art

    There are a few different ways to incorporate hearts into your gel nail art. Here are two easy ways you can try at home.

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