1. Nail the look for the Christmas party season

    Christmas party looks

    Hot off the catwalks, Winter nail colours are dramatic, strong and shiny!

    Our experts have put their best tips together for the hottest Christmas nail colours and this season’s manicure trends. SensatioNail are here to make sure you and your nails will be Christmas party-ready.

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  2. Christmas gel nail art ideas

    winter gel nail art ideas

    We've got all the info you need on gel nail trends for this Winter plus loads of brilliant Christmas nail art inspiration. Merry Mani Christmas!

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  3. SensatioNail fans Wear it Pink

    Wear it Pink for SensatioNail 2014

    A big thank you to all our SensatioNail fans who joined in to support the Wear it Pink campaign in October. 

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  4. SensatioNail at the X-Factor 2014

    sensationail has the x factor

    It’s official, SensatioNail has the X Factor! The beauty team at the X Factor are big fans of SensatioNail and we are very proud to have been selected as part of the beauty product line-up for the 2014 shows. 

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  5. How to use SensatioNail Glitter Puffers – Nail art tools


    SensatioNail glitter puffers are must-have nail art tools for your gel nail varnish collection. Use them for beautiful glitter colours or nail art designs. Layer on top of your gel nail colour to create a show-stopping sparkle, mix into your top coat for a shimmer effect or mix glitter with the gel nail colour to create a new glitter version of your favourite shade. We’ve gathered some of the best glitter nail tips from our professional gel manicurists to share with you. Download a handy print and keep guide here

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  6. SensatioNail on ITV

    SensatioNail Starter Kit review on TV

    Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield reveiw the SensatioNail Starter Kit on ITV's This Morning

    The SensatioNail Starter Kit got a great review on This Morning, ITV. This Morning's beauty expert asked a tester to trial the Starter Kit for the first time and was impressed with the results.

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  7. SensatioNail - The nail polish for people who are no good at nail polish!

    I love nail polish – the way it makes me feel groomed, the different colours, how it can totally change an outfit.

    What I don’t love is applying it.

    • I get polish on the cuticle and on the sides of my fingers and it dries before I can get it off
    • It starts drying before I have finished painting the whole nail so I get brush strokes
    • If I do finally get it right, I always manage to smudge it within a few minutes – aaaggghhh! 

    Not anymore! 

    With SensatioNail the polish doesn’t set until it goes under the lamp, so… 

    • I can go over it as many times as I like and it still self-levels, avoiding any bumps or brush strokes
    • I can easily clean up any polish on the cuticles and fingers before I cure my nails – just use the cleanser provided on a cotton bud to wipe away
    • Once my manicure is done, it is dry.  Completely.  Totally.  Immediately.  I can rummage in my bag, wash my hair, go straight to bed - whatever I want.  No chance of smudges, scratches or sheet marks. 

    Best of all - when people ask where I got my nails done, I can say “this? – I did it myself” and smile :)

    Find out more about what SensatioNail is all about here. It's easy to get started with the our gel nail starter kits here...

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  8. SensatioNail Wedding Nail Inspiration

    SensatioNail Wedding Nail Inspiration

    Whether you are getting married or attending a wedding this summer, you will want your nails to look amazing. This wedding season, we’ve pulled our ideas and top tips together to give you all the wedding nail inspiration you need.

    Wedding make-up is important and nails especially so. If you are the bride to be, think of all the people who will want to look at your sparkly new ring – not to mention the close-up photographs!

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  9. How to Use SensatioNail Nail Art Brushes


    SensatioNail have created a selection of nail brushes and tools to help you get precision-perfect gel nails. Use the nail art brushes to create stunning nail art designs, get the perfect French manicure or mix SensatioNail gel polish colours.

    Here are a few tips on how to use the SensatioNail nail art brushes as well as some nail art design ideas. We love seeing your SensatioNail nail art designs. Keep sharing them with us on our Facebook page along with your own tips for perfect gel nails.

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  10. Mix and create your own gel nail polish colours with SensatioNail

    Mixing Gel nail polish colours
    Did you know that every colour in the SensatioNail range can be mixed together to create new colours?

    SensatioNail is ideal for mixing your own shades of gel nail polish, whether you want a colour to match an outfit or simply to expand your colour collection.


    The spectrum of gel nail colours you can create by mixing our gel polish shades is endless! Create all the pastel shades you can think of, go richer, darker, or create a glitter version of every colour.

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