1. How to remove gel nail polish without acetone

    Lots of our customers ask us how to remove gel nail polish without acetone and the following is how we recommend you do it. 

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  2. Gel Nail Designs 2017

    What are the gel nail design trends to watch in 2017? 

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  3. New SensatioNail Winter Colours

    Introducing the new winter collection from SensatioNail. The latest gel nail polish collection will brighten up any winter day and see you from spring and summer right through autumn. Colours range from stunning pinks to dazzling glitter shades.

    This collection of gel nail shades includes something for everyone - whether you are a fan of high gloss, shimmer or glitter gel polish. Just don't make us pick a favourite!

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  4. How to remove gel nail polish

    How to remove gel nail polish - fileApplying gel nail polish is the fun bit and it’s always a shame to have to remove that gorgeous polish but it doesn’t have to be a pain. Take it as an opportunity to relax and unwind, put your favourite programme on the TV or play some relaxing background music and pour a nice glass of wine.

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  5. Christmas Nail Polish Gifts for Her

    Christmas Nail Polish Gifts for Her

    What to get for those ladies who have everything? How about perfect nails?

    Shop the SensatioNail Christmas Shop for all the perfect nail polish gifts you need.

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  6. Christmas Nail Art Ideas

    Christmas Nail Art Ideas

    Christmas time, Mistletoe and wine... and Christmas nails, Yay!

    Read on for some ideas and how to do some of this year's best Christmas nail art.

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  7. SensatioNail at the Clothes Show Live 2016

    SensatioNail at the Clothes Show Live 2016

    Come and visit us at the Clothes Show live in Birmingham this year for all the latest SensatioNail products, gel nail hints, tips and how-tos.

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  8. Christmas Nail Colours

    Christmas Nail Colours

    It’s nearly Christmas and that means one thing - Christmas nails!

    From deep purple to rose gold, we’ve rounded up our favourite Christmas nail colours for this season.

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  9. SensatioNail Wish Lists

    SensatioNail Wish Lists

    You can now add all your SensatioNail favourites to your own personal wish list. Use this as your own list to keep a track of what you want to get next, or email your complete wish list to that certain someone as a massive hint!

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  10. Halloween Nail Art Ideas

    Halloween Nail Art Ideas

    We love an excuse to dress up and Halloween has to be one of the best. Ghostly ghouls, wicked witches, spooky skeletons... and the standard people wearing a sheet (there’s always one).

    We’ve got your halloween nail art covered. Read on for some simple halloween nail ideas as well as more challenging, drop dead gorgeous nail art techniques.

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