1. Easter Nails

    Easter Nails

    We just love Easter. Spring flowers are blooming, the bunny rabbits are out and about, we get to enjoy a long weekend and there’s a mountain of chocolate eggs to feast on.

    SensatioNail fans have been sharing their Easter nails with us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We’ve picked a few fab examples to show you how to get the look at home.

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  2. Mix and create your own gel nail polish colours with SensatioNail

    Mix and create your own gel nail polish colours with SensatioNail

    Did you know that every colour in the SensatioNail range can be mixed together to create new colours?

    SensatioNail is ideal for mixing your own shades of gel nail polish, whether you want a colour to match an outfit or simply to expand your colour collection.

    The spectrum of gel nail colours you can create by mixing our gel polish shades is endless! Create all the pastel shades you can think of, go richer, darker, or create a glitter version of every colour.

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  3. How to use the SensatioNail Manicure Set

    How to use the SensatioNail Manicure Set

    The SensatioNail Professional manicure and pedicure set is very versatile and gives many ways of caring for and preparing your hands, feet and nails; especially useful prior to applying your SensatioNail manicure.

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  4. New SensatioNail Manicure Set

    New SensatioNail Manicure Set

    Introducing the New SensatioNail Manicure Set

    Nail health and preparation is key to prolonging the life of your gel manicure. Our new manicure and pedicure set will help you keep your nails in the best shape.

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  5. New Product - Coming Soon!

    New Product - Coming Soon!

    New SensatioNail Product - coming soon!

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  6. Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    Every woman loves to be pampered but as we all know, Mum’s are busy people and there’s not always time for a trip to the salon.

    Let mum know how much you love her this year with the perfect Mother’s Day gift from SensatioNail. We’ve rounded up the best treats for mums. All you have to do is choose!

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  7. New No Wipe Gel Top Coat

    New No Wipe Gel Top Coat

    Now your SensatioNail Gel manicure is easier and quicker than ever before.

    Introducing New No Wipe Gel Top Coat.

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  8. Valentine's Day Nails

    Valentine's Day Nails

    Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone but we’ll take any excuse for a fresh mani!

    Whether you want to go for a romantic vibe, a bold statement or just try something new, treat no.1 (that’s you!) to gorgeous Valentine’s Day nails. You deserve it.

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  9. SensatioNail Wish Lists

    SensatioNail Wish Lists

    You can now add all your SensatioNail favourites to your own personal wish list. Use this as your own list to keep a track of what you want to get next, or email your complete wish list to that certain someone as a massive hint!

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  10. 25 New Express Colours

    25 New Express Colours

    Express Gel is our super-fast, high-shine at home gel manicure and now we’ve added 25 new colours to the collection! This means there are now 49 stunning Express Gel shades to choose from.

    Read on to discover everything you need to know about the new collection - and get ready to be the envy of your friends with these sumptuous new shades.

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