If there’s one thing we’ve come to realise over the years, it’s that no two SensatioNail customers are the same. From the nail shapes and polish colours you prefer to the way you like to apply and remove your gel, each one of you has a slightly different manicure style.

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  2. Raising Money For Breast Cancer Research

    Raising Money For Breast Cancer Research

    October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and SensatioNail are helping to raise vital research funds for Breast Cancer Now.

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  3. How painting your nails can be good for your mental health

    How painting your nails can be good for your mental health

    With World Mental Health Day on 10th October 2018, we are taking a moment to acknowledge the importance of taking care of our mental health and wellbeing, whether we suffer with mental health issues or not.

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  4. My SensatioNail Story - Sarah

    My SensatioNail Story - Sarah

    My story is one of chance encounter

    My name is Sarah I am 40 years old, wife and mother of 2 young men Joshua and Ryan. I am the nail technician for SensatioNail UK . I work on social media answering questions on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so you may have chatted with me before. 

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  5. Product Launch - Gel Rescue Nail Rejuvenator Treatment

    Product Launch - Gel Rescue Nail Rejuvenator Treatment

    We are so excited to tell you about our latest new Vegan/Cruelty Free Gel Nail Care Treatment!

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  6. Zendaya - Style Icon of the Moment

    Zendaya - Style Icon of the Moment

    There is no doubt that 21-year-old Zendaya is one of SensatioNail’s top style icons. She’s smart, sassy, fun and endlessly changing up her look for the red carpet.

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  7. Galaxy Nails

    Galaxy Nails

    If you hadn’t noticed, galaxy nails are all the rage. There’s something really quite magical about having the universe painted on your fingertips, so we’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide for you to get the look yourself from home.

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  8. Nail Shapes

    Nail Shapes

    The Best Nail Shapes for You

    Nail shape fashions seem to change every week dependent on what is trending on Instagram. Long gone are the days when a nail technician would ask “round or square” when you sit down for a manicure. From the coffin to the squoval, the oval to the almond.

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  9. Autumn/Winter Nail Trends 2018

    Autumn/Winter Nail Trends 2018

    Nail Trends to Watch for this Autumn/Winter 2018

    We know that the sun is still shining and Autumn/Winter nail trends are probably the last thing you want to read about. But as the summer gradually draws to an end, we're keeping our eyes on the fashion runways for all the upcoming nail trends and colours.

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  10. Product Launch - 5 Colours

    Product Launch - 5 Colours

    Sticking to our mission to bring you regular new product launches, we have 3 more gorgeous brand new original gel colours to tell you about and 2 comeback faves you've been asking for. All original gel polishes are £12.50 and you get a free accessory choice for each colour you purchase. 

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