1. Product Launch - 5 Colours

    Product Launch - 5 Colours

    Sticking to our mission to bring you regular new product launches, we have 3 more gorgeous brand new original gel colours to tell you about and 2 comeback faves you've been asking for. All original gel polishes are £12.50 and you get a free accessory choice for each colour you purchase. 

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  2. Rihanna Inspired Nail Art

    Rihanna Inspired Nail Art

    Rihanna is fearless when it comes to her fashion. If she’s not mastering the art of ‘multi-bagging’ (fashion’s most functional look of wearing multiple bags at the same time), she’s turning up to the Met Gala dressed as an actual pope with a pearl and jewel-encrusted robe. She is one busy lady!

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  3. My SensatioNail Story - Liv

    My SensatioNail Story - Liv

    SensatioNail literally saved my nails and here's how #mysensationailstory. Like many young teens, one of my worst habits was biting my nails, I was a chronic nail biter and saw no sign of stopping. I was told by my mum and others that they used to bite but they don't anymore and I just couldn't understand how?

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  4. Nail Health - 7 Tips To Avoid Split Nails

    Nail Health - 7 Tips To Avoid Split Nails

    Go on, admit it. You got impatient on the bus home and peeled off your gel manicure. Now you’re left with dry and brittle nails, wondering how to get them back to their former glory. Fear not! We’ve put together some top tips on how to keep your nails nice and healthy, increasing their strength and allowing for easy to apply manicures.

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  5. Show Pride On Your Nails

    Show Pride On Your Nails

    Saturday 7th July saw the people of London take to the streets for Pride, raising awareness of LGBT issues and campaigning for equality. 

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  6. Summer Holiday Nails

     Summer Holiday Nails

    The summer holiday countdown begins! Before setting off, you’ve bought a gazillion bikinis, topped up the fake tan and researched all the best cocktail bars for those sunny evenings ahead. Now it’s time for the most important decision - nail colour. Do you have matching fingers and toes to go with every outfit?

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  7. My SensatioNail Story - Jayne

    My SensatioNail Story - Jayne

    Hello, my name is Jayne, I am 35 and live in Glasgow. I have kindly been asked by Sensationail to write a little blog post sharing #mysensationailstory.

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  8. We Heart Kim Kardashian’s Nails

    We Heart Kim Kardashian’s Nails

    Kim Kardashian West’s nails are hitting the headlines again. At the start of last year it was for showing off her pierced fake nails on Snapchat. This time it’s for asking Katy Perry to fly her press-on nails in a private jet from LA to New York, just in time for the MET Gala.

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  9. World Cup Nails

    World Cup Nails

    With just over a week to go, World Cup fever is upon us. Fans have cleared their schedules, garden parties have been arranged and pubs are stocking up for the Russia vs Saudi Arabia kick off next Thursday 14th June. Even if football isn’t really your thing, we have a ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ mentality here at SensatioNail. So, here are some fabulous manicure ideas to get the World Cup party started.

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  10. Nailing The Festival Season

    Nailing The Festival Season

    The sun is shining, people are flocking to the parks after work, and festival season is almost upon us. Whether you’re attending Latitude, Bestival or hosting a mini-festival with friends in your own back garden, we have the perfect manicure ideas for you to nail the summer season.

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