4 Fuse Gelnamel Colours + Cleanser & Wipes

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Select any combination of 4 full size (10.65ml) Fuse Gelnamel gel nail polish colours below and you’ll get those 4 amazing colours of your choice for just £20.

Plus you get the Fuse Gelnamel cleanser (14.6ml). The cleanser also includes 12 x lint free wipes and a manicure stick

You can select any combination you like, get 4 of your favourite colour if you want. Just select the 4 colours you want below and then click the add to cart button, it’s easy...

This offer is for 4 full size (10.65ml) Fuse Gelnamel gel nail polish colours of your choice + 1 Fuse Gelnamel cleanser (14.6ml - includes 12 x lint free wipes)


  • 4 x (10.65ml) Fuse Gelnamel gel nail polishes
  • 1 x (14.6ml) Fuse Gelnamel cleanser

Fuse cleanser includes:

  • 1 x (14.6ml) Fuse Gelnamel cleanser
  • 12 x lint free wipes
  • 1 x manicure stick



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