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Gel Nail Polish Colours


Polish to gel transformer is now Available on SensatioNail.co.uk - Turn any nail polish into a gel!

SensatioNail™ gel nail polish comes in many stunning, up-to-the-minute colours that are quick and easy to apply, dry in just 60 seconds and last for up to two weeks without any wear and tear. Orders of £30 or more are delivered free of charge.

The French ManicureGlitter Gel Nails and Gel Nail Treatments are also available now!

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  • Becky Smith Seriously need to know a good way to remove the colour. I've totally wrecked my nails trying to remove it. I end up soaking my nails for about an hour and I still end up filing it but that makes my nails so thin! I love the.product a.d it stays on as good and as long as it does if I have it done at the salon. But removing it is not getting any easier 😕
  • Taupe Tulips is a perfect everyday shade. Which hue is your weekday go-to? https://t.co/7W9c4mnKmm
  • 6 new SensatioNail shades